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Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises (as simple as they may seem) can be incredibly helpful for managing your stress. There are a ton of great breathing exercises out there, this one gets at two really foundational techniques - deep abdominal breathing (or belly breathing) and slowing down the exhale. This technique helps switch your body from flight/flight (our stress response - or sympathetic nervous system) to rest/digest (our relaxation response - or parasympathetic nervous system).

Trauma & The Window of Tolerance

This video describes the Window of Tolerance, a model created by Dan Siegl, to describe our physiological response to stress and trauma. The image is ⓒ nicabm, the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine.

Containment Exercise

This visualization exercise can be useful when we need to be able to contain some of our personal material. When we feel completely overwhelmed by an event or thought, and we want to leave it behind for the time being. Importantly, we are not leaving this material behind forever, we can access these memories, thoughts, feelings, and sensations whenever we need to. This exercise can help us contain this material, and remind us that it's important to come back to it when we're ready to do so.

These resources are for informational purposes only. The resources provided here do not represent or replace psychological services. As such, the creator and provider of the content is not liable for any misuse of the information provided.

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